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Our small guild is looking for new members to help us build into a large enough guild to do the high end things like Operations and Rated Warzones. We are open to individuals joining and/or another small guild merging with us.
We have an Imperial side <Imperial Order> and a Republic side <Sinister Legacy>.
We have members who are spread across the United States.
The guild started more than 7 years ago in Star Wars Galaxies. We were <SR> aka Sinister on the Starsider server. Because of low server populations here, we were forced to move servers and lost some members. We are re-building the guild at this time.
Most of us are over 30 and have families, kids, jobs etc. There are a few active and former military members.
Currently we mostly do Hard Modes and level characters. Most of us have several 50s in each faction.
We have a web site with forums and use Ventrilo voice communication.
We are not a WoW power raid guild, but more of a casual style guild.
If interested, please apply on the web site:

Your guild sounds like the mirror image to Vanguard.

We checked out your site and it seems that you guys are mainly a republic guild, correct? We are mainly an Imperial guild and have been since Daragon Trail. Maybe we could host your Imperial characters and you could host our Republic characters?

Think about it and get back to us with your thoughts. Thanks!!
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