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Meetra Surik is a character created specifically for the novel to be Revan's sidekick and then a TOR cameo. In the game, the Exile's character was almost identical to Revan's, namely a blank slate. Probably more so because although their backstory was, in part, perhaps more detailed, it gave less hints about their personality.

In regard the OP, yes I am. First of all, I didn't think they should have canonized either of them or made an MMO that skipped past Revan and the Exile's era in the first place but assuming that they did have to make TOR instead of Kotor 3, then they should have left them cosigned to the legends of history. Revan didn't need to appear again. They should have just left him a martyr instead of bringing him back as a broken madman that lives just long enough to undo his entire redemption arc and die a monster and a failure. The Exile died an even more ignoble death, and though she didn't suffer quite as spectacular a failure as Revan did in TOR itself, her character was arbitrarily changed to become apparently Revan's adoring sidekick. I haven't read the novel itself where this happens, but Lord Scourge will flat out say that she was just Revan's follower if the Jedi Knight asks about them. Between the two of them, I can imagine Revan might take the lead if they teamed up, but the Exile was a strong and charismatic leader in their own right. You usually don't get to be a player character without being an epic hero in Star Wars games, and Kotor 2 was not an exception that regard. She should not be just a sidekick follower. Plus, I think Kotor 2 was supposed to be in part about coming out of Revan's shadow. A story involving both of them, they should be near equals. And after all that had happened, I don't know if they necessarily would have liked each other to begin with either.

Revan and his crew got very little mention and the Exile and hers got even less. I think they and their friends should have appeared in the Jedi's historical archives, or possibly somebody notes in the Sith Empire about how their sacrifice delayed the invasion. And the way it happened in the story feels the reverse of an epic sacrifice for all characters involved. I would have imagined they'd team up to destabilize the Sith Empire's political structure or crippled their war machine before being defeated by the Emperor in a massive struggle.