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Okay. Catching up from a busy week myself. I still love you guys, even when I go flaky AWOL!

@Striges, I love Varrel's voice. Ever so much. And I was so glad to see the old headcanon thread stuff return. I had forgotten the Rixik one, but Varrel was familiar. <3 And then, Master Yuon: Projecting much? Jurial's observation that "I am a Jedi. I am supposed to have answers. All I have are questions" is something I feel more Jedi should come to. Even people raised rigidly in one belief system will start wondering. Finally, I would sign up for any thread you made. Once I remember to check the fic forum in general instead of just skipping to my subscriptions. (I'm secretly terrible at supporting my fellow authors.)

@Magdalane, my thoughts are with you and your son. Whatever else happens, it is a good thing to come home.

@LogicLoup, some wonderful descriptive prose in Maneera's entry. And a very nice realization of Maneera's ability to see what she couldn't understand the night she ran away. The cantina story...well, "Warm memories, questionable booze, weirding out the farmboy. Good times." I suddenly have nothing to add about smugglers. Ever. Perfect. Also, I like the way Conor Breslin talks. I like a lot about him.

@elliotcat, best of luck with all the beginnings coming your way.

@kabeone, very long a life he'll have to live. Feeling nothing would almost be easier.

@iamthehoyden, Scourge is never one to suffer fools. Gladly or any other way. As for Skari, well, "Skari scowled at the blip her heart did. Stupid. Always the stupid with that man." I sympathize.

@Irrissa, relaxing...with visual aids! Looks like a good time

I suppose that after six months of posting fic nearly daily, it's no surprise that writer's block would eventually strike. Even my addictive tendencies have their limits. Carry on, all!
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