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I played both KoToR and KoToR II so many times trying to find clues of what happened with Revan or what could possibly happen next with their stories if their was a game 3 to be released. KoToR 2 especially. I played male, female, light side, dark side, gray; killed the Jedi Masters one by one, left them all alive, fought only 3 and saved 1 just to see the different outcomes to find out what they would reveal about Revan. I put up with Mical's annoying whiny sniveling and questioning. I ignored Carth always stopping me to answer questions only to not give me any REAL answers at the end of KoToR II just to get a glimpse what would be possible in the future. I put up with Kreia!!

And what happened? Well...


NOT the ending I wanted for our heroes. But....let me say this. I thoroughly enjoy the game and will play it as long as I can before tiring of it. Might even go back and play KoToR again.
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