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12.08.2012 , 08:14 PM | #21
Nobody is blacklisting you from anything. I'm part of a small group too, and I pug with members of the guild or freelance solo. The lack lack of a LFG option for harder ops has never hindered me from answering or starting a search in general, and it shouldn't be stopping you either.

The difference between a LFG tool group and what we have now is that there is at least some organization this way. People know what to expect, and have a general idea of what the group can handle. A few players are undergeared? No problem if there are a few on the opposite end of the spectrum. A couple players haven't been there before, or have only gotten past the first boss? Again no problem. If only one guy knows the fights however, it doesn't matter how well geared you all are, you're probably in for a long night.

That said, a game wide chat would probably help along the LFG process.