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12.08.2012 , 08:06 PM | #1
We all know Bioware used to be the Gods of good stories, ME series, Kotor series, DA: Origins and more! I just did the maelstrom today and the whole flashpoint felt so cheesy. I was really cringing when the exile started talking to Raven it was just horrible writing and script. I also learned how Revan gets ''defeated'' by the Imperials in one of their flashpoints which was also very disappointing.

I just expected much more than being caught by emperor, prisoner, rescued, sais 4 lines and leaves, ''runs away'' from imps in flashpoint later on.

I just wish they continued with the whole ''mystery and secret'' theme we were left with. Yes, there are good stories in this game, and yes there is many of them but for me Revan's + The Exile's Legacy was completely ruined.