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Me putting up vids then getting comments of how bad they are by people who wouldn't dare put up a vid of their play is funny to me.
As a sorc at this point if you are not dropping affliction on as many people as u can u aren't playing the class to its full potential. Do I wish I didn't have to do that yes, but that's the game right now.
My server doesn't have many good dps sorcs. We have a handful I would say Nihil being one of them. Not bragging are anything just stating facts. Interested to see any other sage sorcs vids that will put me in my place. I'm still waiting for one.
Anyways sorcs do need some love in pvp and I do contribute to those threads but I'm not going to keep qqing about it like most ****** sorc sages.
New vids
Nothing wrong with your videos man, they're fine, quality wise maybe fraps would be better but then you couldn't stream it live and I don't know what the cost of doing any of that stuff is. I never got into the recording my plays and posting them so I don't do it. And your play style, well, it's fine I guess. Just know that if everyone did it BioWare sees this and is saying wow these guys are putting out so much damage, they don't need a damage boost everyone else does!

My personal opinion was just that the only thing wrong was your presentation, per se. I'm the highest and best I'm the greatest etc etc you get the picture.