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I agreee with most of you, theres alot of bad players on both sides. You guys must know that even those of us who dont think we are bad players make mistakes to. I am yet to see a prefect SWTOR pvp player. That being said, making mistakes and being dumb players arent the same thing. And on the pub side ive seen alot of DUMB players. Top heals/dps means very little if your team takes a L. Much better to have midboard anything and a win. Futhermore good, or great players dont have to stat chase they'll get good numbers regardless. Some dumb actions i just figure players dont understand the game. I play trooper heals, and it is rare if i solo q i get a guard/and or pills.

That being said, its alot better to q with a group of players you know arent bums. But i solo q alot, overall i win about 65% of the time. So winning on the pub side isnt that hard. I am not saying im the reason my team wins. I AM asking: If your team takes L's all the time, why dont you think its you?
These are fair points, but of course you being a healer once again as in the case of some other posters makes an enormous difference for your own solo q success.

As for the question of whether or not people who regularly experience losses ought to blame themselves in some regard, there's a degree to which this is true, but by and large there's only so much one person out of eight can do, and it depends a lot on class, too. For instance, as one player I can have an enormously greater impact on my shadow, with its survivability and utility than on my (non saboteur) gunslinger, which depends heavily on having a competetive team around it to be able to effectvely survive and deal dps. Give me a crappy team and no healers and my slinger gets targeted and dies 12 times and, while still topping my team's dps chart, is cced and dead too often to make the objectives happen. Give me the same bad situation, and my shadow might be able to cap or help cap a point or stay on the map enough to prevent them from gaining objectives.

finally, I'd say that you can judge the relative "culpability" you have from patterns of players. If you always do well in the numbers and in the objectives, win or lose, if you are usually the only one scoring well and objective wise even in losses, if in your losses you consistently see the same teammates making the same mistakes doing as poor in the stat column and where objectives are concerned, then I think its fair to say youre not really a major problem.
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