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I've been here since open beta, played every flashpoint and hard mode version of them, clocked many hours. Though my guild isn't huge so it's nearly impossible to get groups for ops; so I normally pug everything. Majority of the time I happen to find an LFM for OPS, or get answered by my LFGs. it's a guild group, that will boot you out of the group for absolutely no good reasons. Such as a guild member of theirs just logged on, and they want them, even though the spot was filled. (this happens a lot)

I find that pugs are 100% better than guild groups because of this. Majority of pugs I'm in can handle the content fine, including ops; hard mode included.

So my question is....Why must you make it so bloody hard for people to find groups Bioware? It's not remotely funny, your sick little joke you play on us with the group finder. Yes I would agree problems would be caused if the hard mode versions and harder SM ops were on the group finder.....for like the first or second week. The people would improve, and work better together.

But no.....

You idea is to blacklist all medium / small guilds that are unable to get the numbers from the content, so as you can maintain what? Oh yeah there isn't anything to maintain. Allowing pugs would only benefit the pug players. BUT WAIT! Repair costs could annoy players, since it would typically be more than a guild run. Who cares? If they're willing to pug they're willing for the repairs. So why blacklist us from content we're paying $15 a month for?

It's immature and just rude. If you're afraid of pugs wiping make it a tier system, where you must beat the SM prior to HM. Then onto a harder SM ops, to it's hard mode. etc.

There is no reason for us not to be able to queue for more Ops....
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