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Noxxic's info for shadow/assassin tanks is really, really bad. Their stat priority, for example, is completely wrong. More points in accuracy have a tiny, tiny contribution to tanking assassin DPS, due to the dominance of force attacks in our rotation. Best in Slot is the 91% accuracy that you get from maxing your melee tank. No one, not even DPS classes, should have 110% melee/ranged accuracy. Nothing over 100% matters in PvE, despite what Bioware's tooltips claim.

Here is the correct stat priority for assassin tanks moving into the Dread Guard tier:

Absorption (60%) >= Defense (30%) > Shield (65%) >= Endurance (27k) >>> Willpower > Power >>> Strength > Accuracy

Regarding endurance, once your mitigation is at this point, diminishing returns starts to hit really really hard. That, combined with the very high HPS of the low-thrash rotation means that endurance is very nearly a better stat than the mitigation stats, in terms of survivability contribution. Due to itemization quirks, high-endurance mods have a higher stat budget than low-endurance mods (thus, you're trading 1 point of mitigation for about 1.7 points of endurance). Because of this, all of your Dread Guard mods should be high-endurance (the 27B variants), while your enhancements should be low-endurance (Bastion and Bulwark).
I'm on the verge of getting my assassin to 50 and wanted to start reading up on this stuff.

Anywho, I take it when you say absorbtion at 60% that includes the base generator 20% as well, right? And I'm assuming you're applying the bases to defense and shielding as well? Just wanted to check. Also, are these stats typically achieved through augmenting or no? If they are which augments should be prioritized?
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