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I always thought Ops were weighted depending on the group, but strenght and cunning still drop more than anything else. Which was great, the first night I ran SM EV and KP, i was almost full columi gear on my sawbones, Hat never did dropped, it was pretty much the same with HM EV and KP, was full rakata after running both of them the first time. Just missing hat (again) and bracers). Now my shadow took forever, about 2 months of running HM KP and I still never got a mainhand. Didn't get it until we Consular weighted the group and ran NIM KP. Hell I got Karagga's hat and seen more hats drops than I have Consular's mainhands.
Thats odd, just ran EC SM with 4 Mara's and a Jug and no warrior gear dropped at all. All but one piece was BH (we had one bounty hunter who made out like a bandit), the other was for Inquis.