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But that is more the style of a Jedi Knight not a Consular.
I disagree, and feel that the distinction between the two is very minor in actuality and is just a gameplay mechanic. The Consular story-writers even said they felt they wanted to write the Consular 'in the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi'. The distinction in individual Jedi is actually more of a sliding scale with a lot of overlap; SW:ToR simply has to divide them up into 'Knight' and 'Consular' for gameplay reasons...

Obi-Wan was a mixture of 'Consular' in attitude with the bladesmanship of the best 'Knight' and a respectable degree of Force Powers to go with it. Yoda was very much the 'Consular' in attitude and Force skill but in reality was a great swordsman; it was purely an attitude choice. Mace Windu had the attitude and combat prowess of a 'Knight' but that wasn't because he lacked power with the Force or any sort of diplomatic skills or experience. We can't realistically have players being this well-rounded, otherwise there'd just be one do-everything über Jedi class, but in the actual story there is not some sort of dividing line between different 'types' of Jedi that are inviolable and defining - and even if we did divide these examples into 'classes', I'd not that they all wore the same classic robes.

The nonsense huge pauldrons and flowery robes are purely an MMO fail (because most Jedi players really don't want to look like some sort of master sorcerer WoW player). Classic robes are a valid option for any Jedi - 'Consular' or 'Knight', and doesn't suit either any better than the other.