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I have seen enough people on this forum post about how Skadge's intro on Belsavis was traumatizing enough and reminded them of some sort of "predator".
To put it bluntly, Skadge is the kind of character who seems inclined to engage women in intercourse against their will, likely as a lead-up to murdering them for the lulz.

I do not know anyone who wanted Skadge on their team, and I quite honestly do not know what the writers were thinking.

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Google "Disney SWEATSHOPS" or "Disney CHILD LABOR".

An endless history of abuse and misery turns up.
If you Google "McDonalds cancer" (which I did because I wanted to support McDonald's Sweden's donation drive to fund cancer research) you get "An endless series of TOTALLY REALZ PROOF that McDonalds CAUSES TEH CANCERS".

Don't believe everything you read, buddy.