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Me putting up vids then getting comments of how bad they are by people who wouldn't dare put up a vid of their play is funny to me.
As a sorc at this point if you are not dropping affliction on as many people as u can u aren't playing the class to its full potential. Do I wish I didn't have to do that yes, but that's the game right now.
My server doesn't have many good dps sorcs. We have a handful I would say Nihil being one of them. Not bragging are anything just stating facts. Interested to see any other sage sorcs vids that will put me in my place. I'm still waiting for one.
Anyways sorcs do need some love in pvp and I do contribute to those threads but I'm not going to keep qqing about it like most ****** sorc sages.
New vids
Crappy Quality Vid Full madness, right before 1.4 bubble stupidity occurred. Each of the main fights after the intros are 2v1s.

Also, I saw that you posted in the Sage forum too and the few that said something negative were greeted with LOL ILL PWN U NUB speak from you. Your ego should come down to reality and the people who play this class might start to respect you. (Though this is the internet, chances of that are slim.)