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Ever heard of the Holocron Continuity Database? George will agree with me because all the above have been accepted personally by George Lucas and classed as canon. Anything Star Wars has to be accepted by Lucas before it can become canon. KOTOR 1 & 2 and the Darth Bane Trilogy are C-Canon. And the dark side is G-Canon. Please read this. So yes, he does agree with all of those powers. And no, I don't know what you mean - none of the powers are remotely 'silly'.
Wrong, Leland is not GL. Now when the new movies will come out George have said the stories will be new, not from C canon universe. George have said that the novels etc are like a paralel universe that is fan faction etc.
As i said there is a reason you dont see those powers etc in the movies because they dont belong there, because they are not canon in any way.A very few times George will bring in things from the novels but that is mostly planets, characters, names etc.

I mean cant you understand a basic thing like, if a Sith could use those mind powers he could take over the galaxy 900 years before Sidious did it thru politics.You have to understand these things and dont svallow everything in the novels just because some author wanted to make the most bad *** Sith ever in his own universe.
If you cant understand these things then you dont understand star wars.The PT overwrote alot what used to be canon, the ST will soon do the same from 2015 with epi VII.