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12.08.2012 , 10:08 AM | #1
I've been playing since launch and I have a level 50 shadow tank that I do ops on with my friends. We've cleared story mode Eternity Vault (EV) and Story mode Karaga's Palace (KP). Everyone is geared in full columi. Some of us are kind of tired of these OPS and I'm wondering how the progression is supposed to be. I've heard from one person that we should be doing hard mode EV and KP before doing story mode of the new Ops that were released. That seems rather broken to me that I do a hard mode Op before I can do story mode of the next one? Isn't story mode supposed to be the easiest setting?

What I'm looking for is a progression list of how Ops should go. I believe is should be based on the gear obtained. If hard mode EV gives Rakata gear and story mode of the next place gives Rakata gear (which is my current understanding), then couldn't my group move on and start the next place on story mode? Looking for advice because i'm starting to get burned out on EV and KP all the time.