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Most about Karpyshyn novels is not canon,he always tried to make his Sith way more powerful then the previous.
I mean the author doesnt even understand how the force works, just read rule of two.He actualy at that time dident understand how lightsaber combat always uses the force. And not to mention the dark sorceres stuff is so silly.
Canon fact, the force can only influence the weak minded, and that is only simpel tricks.What Drew does in his novels is just plain dumb.Things like the way Zannah can use the force again is just plain dumb,and there is a reason why you will never see those things in the movies.

The stories are great but the skills they use is so silly and will never be canon.
I'm afraid you don't decide what is canon and what is not. And I'm afraid it is not canon fact that the Force can only influence the weak minded. The dark side basically disproves this, does the dark side not corrupt the mind and control their users with passions? Did Traya not make herself invisible to the Disciple? Did the Emperor not take over the minds of those Jedi Masters who came to apprehend him, turning them into mindless slaves? Did Bastila Shan not use Battle Meditation to turn the tide wars? Did Sidious not do the same? I could go on. I think your mistaking all mind effecting Force powers with the Jedi Mind trick. The Jedi mind trick is the only power that works on the weak minded. Sith magic, which is what Zannah uses and is established canon. And where did you get the idea the Drew doesn't know how the Force works?
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I always believed that Kreia was referring to Revan and Malak's Sith Empire not being the true Sith Empire. In fact, doesn't she mention that the corrupted Republic forces specifically weren't the Sith?
Hmmm, perhaps. After all if she is referring to the Triumvirate she is basically slagging herself off... maybe she means both, or maybe not. Still there is a distinct difference between Revan, Malak's and Traya's Sith and the 'True SIth'. I think she was talking about heritage etc. and the fact that they are direct descendants of the 'original' Sith and there Empire.