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Personally I always took it as a combination of "because Special Forces" and "Because hero Protagonist"

See thing is a trooper is not a random grunt. From your very first mission you have been promoted as the most junior member of the best of the best, Havok Squad. Even at that you are a sergeant, (Who in normal military republic or Real Life would be a rank to lead a squad), Tavus was a major as the leader of the squad so it's pretty clear from day one that Spec force has higher ranks from the bottom up than normal military.

As for the RW comparison most 6-12 man spec ops teams are lead by at least a captain if not major (though this is confusing since captain means very different things dependent on branch of service.) So while in the real world there is alot more overhead and bureaucracy to the military than presented in the trooper story the ranks are not that far off for the super elite special snowflake forces of something like Havok squad (though really RW special forces are rarely that special really.)

As for Garza's hands on approach there is some suspension of disbelief that needs to go on and a general acceptance that the trooper story isn't presenting the life of a soldier (even a special forces one) so much as a cinematic story in the style of an eighties action movie about special forces. Just be glad you don't end up as a wholly inappropriate baby sitter learning the value of family on Alderan or something.
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