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First of all, Im a fan of both Jedi/Sith and Mandos. With this saying, I enjoy the fact that both should have weaknesses. In the movies, the Jedi werent godlike only more powerful than the rest. Many jedi died at the arena by computer chipped droids. They overpowered them with numbers and as you can see, many of the Jedi werent Masters and many jedi werent as powerful as many that we know. Many of the stories we know are from the most powerful jedi but there were thousands of jedi we know nothing of. Meaning many werent as good as the storied jedi.

In telling the future? The future is always in motion and the only time we know that jedi knew much of the future before it happened were the Jedi and Abeloth/Cadeus illness. Even Masters were wondering how the ill infected jedi knew things they should have not known.

In battles.. Mando's are warriors and are constantly battling. Jedi on the other hand, had peace for thousand years. Many can learn how to fight and practice it but if you never been in a fight with someone that knows what they are doing and have been doing it, you are going to have your hands full. Jedi had to all of a sudden think on their toes while fighting instead as.. as one person pointed out.. Take their time as Yoda did with the x wing.

Now.. as jedi being godlike. I dont agree with it. I think the cartoon clone wars, which I enjoy, have made them such. Jumping from very tall walls while controlling a clone and landing on the ground without problem, creating a bubble in space, and force unleashed have made them far too powerful. The other books have them having more difficulty in such. As telekinesis, I believe Horn cannot use telekinesis so many of the Jedi arts are not available to many Jedi. Caedus/Luke knew much because their experience and their ability to learn allowed them to get these skills but if you read, they learned them. they didnt wake up mastering these skills.

Mandos, more skillful than droids and elite forces, can overpower Jedi with numbers. Mando's fight with lots of goodies. The fight between Mara and Caedus showed that Jedi are not accustomed in fighting barehanded. A civilized weapon. Obi's distaste in using the blaster against Grievous. The headbutt even though his kick was unexpected. Tera Kasi was considered tough agasint the jedi because they fought in close quarters and not allowing the jedi much movement with the saber.

now with someone saying they can just use the force to put the weapon in a Mando's mouth.... Mando's are not weakminded nor do they physically tell what they will be doing next just as Boba taught Jaina.

Without weakness Jedi would be the IWIN button. heck, I would hate jedi if that was the case. But out of thousands of jedi during and throughout time, we only know of a hundred if that.

Mando's are skilled but do not have the force, unless you have the numbers of plenty of unexpected toys, they should lose and the Jedi get careless or is arrogant... as yoda stated, that is the problem with many younger jedi, even the more experience jedi.
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