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Inevitably, a topic asking/concerning Mandalorians vs Jedi/Sith/Force Users always comes down to Karen Traviss.

Before TCW radical "True Mandalorians" were created, the only really controversial Mandalorians were Traviss' ones.

Mainly because she had Mandalorians as the morally superior and "right" characters, over cold and unfeeling Jedi with their slave army.
So superior and "right" that Jedi apparently wanted to abandon their way of life and become Mandalorians.

It was later made worse when decades later in the timeline, Mandalorians were the key to defeating Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus, because Boba Fett was the only person to learn from in how to defeat a powerful Sith, and that Mandalorians have some oxymoronic rage/clarity state of mind combat style that popped out of nowhere, which is critical in successfully combatting Force Users because it supposedly makes them undetectable in the Force.
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