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Assigning every possibility the same amount of credibility isn't providing as much quality in your feedback as you could be. Realism and focus is a good thing. Having an "open mind" should not be equated with being willfully ignorant of the game's structure, its resources and various developer statements.

I'm not saying (and neither was the person you were quoting) that we should just say, "No," and ignore the possibilities, but the problems need to be acknowledged, not dismissed. And a lot of these problems are more severe than you tend to treat them - for example, simply saying, "I don't mind," regarding alien voiceovers is not adequately addressing the severity of that particular barrier.
Well neither of anything which we say on how it could and should be implemented means it will be. Developer statements also change from time to time on a particular subject as we've seen in the past. Granted I'm happy to see the species made playable in any sort of way even if it means creating a new class just to play as them, but I'm just expressing how I feel on the subject just like you are. Anything is possible.
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