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It's weird, I read all these stories about vets harassing new people about spacebarring. I've never seen it happen myself and I'm a vet. If I did see it happen, I wouldn't troll them because that'd make me no better, but I would offer to help out the new person in some way. Be it via advice or running him through the flash point again.

However I haven't PUGed a SM in a long time. I don't level many alts.
I've never seen it either and I am a new player (L48 now, on my first pc ). Oh and the first time I ran Esseles was with a L50 vet who told me he replayed it often as he liked the storyline. He even laughed at one point during the automated conversation he was enjoying it that much.

Perhaps it depends on which type of server you choose? I am on a role-play server and don't see anything like the amount of 'social problems' other players experience.