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It's pretty easy to figure out who's not spacebarring. Someone can just ask who it is in chat. Normally it's the person who doesn't answer.

Though I never tell people to space bar.

If you're doing SM and it's your first time, you should just tell your group that. I've never seen a SM PUG get mad at a new person who wants to watch the scenes. If someone in your group does get mad, they can leave or suck it up. You can also leave and find a new group that wont mind.
Heh, i went on a run of the Black Talon a while back with 2 veterans and a complete noob... The new guy told everyone that he wanted to view the story, but the vets started hassling him after the mission started... so he left...
After that, i spent the entire flashpoint not spacebaring, and every time they asked i just said "im spacebaring, i dont know who we are waiting for... maby its a glitch"...
Hehehe... love messing with people who are bullying others.
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