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hello Viridionyx and welcome to SWTOR!

It's great to see you've done some research and prepared your fight against Valis, and I'd like to help you with some additional comments:

- interrupts: your Force kick must be easily reachable on the keyboard, and it must become a reflex if you an ennemy active a technique to shut him down. Personally, I mapped it to "ALT + 1" on my third quickbar (my second quickbar has all the "SHIFT + ". You can also use Force stasis to interrupt (I don't remember if you have it at your level yet) if Force kick is unavailable.

- heroic moment: Use "saber ward" first then activate it so that "saber ward" is available again. Don't hesitate to use it as soon as you're at 75% of your life. The healing is minute but steady, so use it early.

- I noticed that your Kira is wearing a few strength items while the rest is willpower. Ideally, you should completely deck her out in willpower gear for optimal efficiency.

As Draloch wrote above me, you can assign shortcuts (in addition to the default 1, 2, 3 etc..) via the preferences window. At the bottom of the window, you have two tabs: "game" and "key bindings". clicking on that tab will let you map specific actions and quickbars to shortcuts (that's why I mentioned "ALT + 1" above for the "Force kick")