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12.08.2012 , 04:04 AM | #28
One pc in my house ,with a nvidia card,was recently updated with the latest nvidia drivers.

Before the new drivers the game played great not even a stutter(that pc has a very good cpu/gpu/ram),with the new drivers esseles crashed to desktop at the end, when the jump to lightspeed animation begins,crashed to desktop frequently at loading screens,at the gtn... in a lot of scenarios.

Other pc with an amd card never crashed to desktop(still using drivers from december 2011)

I read in one thread on these forums that turning off ambient collusion in nvidia control panel for swtor fixed the crashes to desktop,and it worked for my pc,although the stutters are noticeable now but not very big.

So if you have a nvidia card try turning off ambient collusion it might fix it for you.