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Hello fellow troopers,

I recently got back into my trooper after a long break from SWTOR. Prior to my break I played a guardian and I wanted something different. I decided to go with a vanguard since essentially they are melee fighters and I like that they can tank. I am now having issues with ammo and my rotation.

Here is my starting rotation: Battle Focus-Relic-IR-HIB-SS-IP
From there I try to keep my ammo above 8. When it looks like I'm getting low, I hit HS.
My priority system:
Keep IR up at all times but don't clip.
Keep HIB on CD.
SS when up.
IP as much when others are on CD and when I won't dip below 8 ammo.

Here is my spec as well:
Stat Priority: Aim>Accuracy to 110%>Power>Crit 35%>Surge75%

I seem to mess up the priority system and then find myself trying to play catch up due to dipping below 8 ammo. Should I be weaving in HS between IPs? I want to keep sticking with this guy because even for his level of gear he's pulling some great numbers during parsing. My guardian just doesn't seem to scale well with his gear now and he's not that fun anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am also open to spec suggestions as well.

How can you mess up a spec you can play on a N64 controller?