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12.08.2012 , 03:24 AM | #1705
What i find interesting is that people think 1.6 will change everything - it wont. You might initially narrow the gear gap, but pvp guilds will still gear up faster and still min max their ewh gear whilst everyone is getting their war hero. The difference in stats is enough. The people that struggle with pvp will still struggle, and the people that don't will still win more often.

There can only be so many people that win and most will lose, I don't see how these changes will suddenly make the game less difficult for people that struggle to call incs, interupt, or find 3 other people to pvp with (not saying all recruits are like this btw). People that insist on relying on random group comp vs people that queue with 3 other pals that know what they are doing will still lose (why this is a shock to anyone i dont know) to better geared and experienced players.

How do I know this?

Because the same stuff was said when wh was released, and people were saying the stats were not much different between the two sets then. It was augments that made the real difference, and I still mantain that augmented bm gear is very competitive.

They are good changes on paper, new set of gear for comms for new players is what was needed, but anyone struggling with pvp mechanics, time investment etc, that are expecting things to magically change (e.g think they are gonna start winning loads of games all of a sudden) is deluding themselves.

If you want to succeed help yourself anyway you can, dont rely on the devs to fix everything. They cannot.