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hi, i wanted to record some footage of early level jedi consular gameplay, but when i uploaded it to youtube, the video was instantly taken down. i'm confused about this because iv'e seen a ton of videos up already. so why did mine get taken down (after i'd given recognition to bioware and stated that i, in no way, owned the product) but the others didnt? it's really frustrating.
It was taken down because that is the current EA prerogative when it comes to anything relating to SWTOR that could possible display the game in a negative light or has not been authorized by use from EA. Basically it was taken down because EA fears the community response to its game.

All you have to do is cite the reason for the video such as commentary or review and give further citation for ownership of SWTOR.

Basically what they tried to do with ME3, is what they were able to do with SWTOR. Which is to silence every critic or naysayer out there as best as they can.

What, somebody had to say it...