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12.08.2012 , 01:43 AM | #7
I asked once and was told that it has existed from early on but there are some people who basically turned it into an immature place and so everyone stopped using it at all. Once it wasn't filled with people, the people who were using it to be annoying went back to general so now it's just kind of barren.

I still monitor it when I'm playing imperial though and make sure people on republic know they can possibly reach me there if I'm not responding on republic endgame.

I think part of the reason why republic endgame didn't suffer the same fate is because I was reasonably choosy about advertising it early on. I didn't advertise it in general chat, only whispers to other 50's and I also didn't advertise to people who had character names like "yumadbro"

Back on Harbinger there were a few people who would pop up constantly trying to call out players who had wronged them in some way, but the community generally came together and told them to take it to whispers or general and it wasn't nearly the problem that it might have been. Dalborra has pretty much been great right from the start, which is why I decided to take a chance and advertise a little more publicly here.

I'm hoping that Aussies are just a classier bunch in general than people from my side of the pond.