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Hearing about Tanks and Kephess in 16m brings fond memories of Sunwell Plateau back to me.

It's something that Star Wars hasn't had until now. I still remember working on M'uru pre-nerf, weeks on weeks of attempts all done in that 2 hour window before trash respawned. Hours and hours, literally hundreds of attempts. The sheer volume of nerdgasm coming from ventrilo when we finally downed it. That's what I PVE for, then we did it all over again for Kil'jaeden for another couple of months and 100+ attempts. We loved every damn minute of it too.

We killed Kephess in 8m the first week with little more than a half-hearted "Yay" on vent. Another instance downed in the first week lockout. Was very disappointing.

I want what they are having Bioware.
THIS THIS THIS! BioWare, this operation on 16m is DEFINITELY the step in the RIGHT direction for operations and the future for competitive gaming in SW:TOR. This is coming from a guild that has spent 160+ attempts on the tanks in 16 man.
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