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I'm gonna have to throw my two cents in here as well.

This was a unneeded change, as a matter of fact a horrible change. I was so use to having a visual effect on the player to know who to run to, without having to rely on Flyby Text. Now, I need to read the Flyby Text, then find the person being targeted for deletion in the OPs frame of 16 players. then run to them and try to get stacked on them so we both don't wipe.

A small beam of light showing the color on top of the person, sort of like how you get when you are fighting Nightmare Pilgrim and you get Bloodmark. It shows a white beam of light to indicate you have been marked and that alone tells you when not to attack. So when a Blue Deletion is put onto a player, if we could get a blue beam of light, that would be a great visual indication letting us raiders know where to go, because as it is now, with all the effects going on, its damn near impossible to see. But moving to the center seems like it may be a good idea if you can see that small little circle under your feet to begin with.
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