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I had fragments sitting around for a while. I wanted it to run right after the original bit from the short fic thread, but it wasnít working. Thank you, Zombie Prompt!

Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
Striges - Rixik in his natural element....devious critter. Know what I love though? He doesn't even consider that Kirya might have cheated on him. For as untrusting as he is, it's a clear indication of how deep is trust in her runs.
He believes, without a doubt, that she loves him, and in his eye thatís all that matters.

Iím having to work through what fidelity means to these characters. In this universe Twiíleks accept multiple marriage. Kirya grew up with four mamas, only one of whom was her biological mom. Rixik, on the other hand, learned early on that physical intimacy does not equal love. Indeed, Twiíleks (even in Star Wars canon) are the very epitome of no-strings-attached casual sex. Itís a very alien social-cultural issue to me, and a bit hard to wrap my head around. I have logical answers, but Iím not quite certain yet that theyíre right if that makes sense.

@ Bright: Another Vierce-Ruth mashup on the way? Wynston is still sidestepping his own issues though. Itís definitely interesting to see both of them a bit off-stride. Damaged, but still functioning. In more ways than one.