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Maros writhed in pain still making the storm grow larger. If I die here then you will to! he said panting the fight taking its toll on him.

The elevator opened when Nerken hit a button beckoning the others inside. Come on. I got more killing to do. Kregan chuckled as she walked in leaning against the wall.

A sith warrior walked over to darth howl on the command deck whispering something into his ear before leaving
Darth Howl sat still enraged. What do you mean theres a fight in the containment block... I don't care! We have more pressing matters at hand! Keep those boarding parties away from the power source! Several sith left the room heading towards the power source.

Merena's ship landed and she got in preparing for Hadocks arrival she flew out flying close to the Jotunheims ship keeping bombers away from the bridge.