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It seems that many who complain about the Mary Sue'ing of Mandalorians, and it does happen, are all to keen to turn Sith Lords into virtual gods. If you look back to the first three movies, even Yoda was a bit winded after lifting that X-wing, and he didn't do it in a big hurry. Faster forward and we have The Force Unleashed, which did irreparable damage to the Jedi concept by having one pull a Star Destroyer out of orbit. At that point, they are pretty much invincible. Yay, everyone mentally m@sterb8 about super force users. Snooze.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of damage has been done to the Mandalorians as well. They too are often rendered free of weakness and pure as the driven snow. A warrior culture normally relies on slaves to do the jobs that warriors think they are too good to do. If everyone is a warrior, who is going to cook the food?

A Mandalorian one on one against a fully trained Jedi should be an unlikely scenario, but a team of Mandos working together should be a threat to a Jedi. That's the trade-off. Jedi are more powerful, but Mandos have greater numbers. Jedi lead good troops, Mandos are elite troops. It can all work in balance if it is written right.