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Quote: Originally Posted by Viridionyx View Post

1 Saber Ward
2 Force Leap
3 Force Sweep
4 Strike
5 Zealous Strike
6 Cauterize
7 Master Strike
8 Force Kick
9 Juyo Form
0 Sprint usually (Force Stasis?)
- Force Might usually (Heroic Moment?)
= Introspection
Disclaimer: This is almost entirely my opinion, and I'm also fairly new to MMOs. This is just what works for me, and what I've learned from observation leveling a watchmen-specced sentinal to 50 and listening to more experienced gamers.

First of all, I would agree that you need another quickbar. I usually have four out, actually. Combat abilities that I would need to get to quickly (Mostly attacks), plus Introspection, go on the bottom two. The one of the left is for other in-combat abilities, like med packs and heroic moment stuff, and the one on the right is for out of combat things, like force might and speeder.

I'm not sure where on the keyboard your fingers are, but if I'm correct in assuming that you have your pinky on tab, three fingers on the first three number keys, and thumb on space bar, I would suggest moving your abilities around a lot. If not, just take this as a general suggestion about accessibility.

You can take sprint off your quickbar entirely. It starts up automatically after a fight is over, and I can't think of a single situation where you would need to get to it so fast that you couldn't open up the abilities window. You can take Juyo form off for the same reason. I would put force kick and force leap in spots where you're not likely to hit them by accident, but can still get to them fast. I use 4 for force kick and 5 for force leap. I like to keep strike on 1 so that I can use it without really thinking about it in between other abilities. You should be using cauterize on every target that's a silver or higher, so make sure that's close.

Last of all, a word about non-combat abilities. A friend showed this to me on my sage, and it's simplified my playing a ton. In addition to using my right quickbar for them, he suggested that since I use the arrow keys to move, that I should bind Force Might to numpad 1 and speeder to numpad 2, which makes them easy to use on the run. (I used num zero for the force speed movement speed boost sages get, but you can probably put your buff on 0 and speeder on 1) That way I can hit them with my pinky on the go
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