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12.07.2012 , 09:17 PM | #120
I'm now crafting a Hazmat earpiece, BiS for DPS/healing willpower-users.

Hazmat Striker's MK-1 Chip

Materials are: 2x synthetic energy matrix 6x molecular stabilizer 10x mandalorian iron 12x durasteel 14x zal alloy

Crafting fee is 1 million credits. Send materials in-game to Selene'Athena (empire) or Keira'Athena (republic) with your order (PMs on forum may not get read).

I also have some other Hazmat earpiece recipes (be forewarned - these are not BiS by any means), if you're interested. Same mats and fee.

Hazmat Bulwark's MK-3 Module
Hazmat Force-lord's MK-1 Relay
Hazmat Striker's MK-2 Chip
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