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Thanks a lot. I will see you there. Good luck. He waited for the coordinates before stepping out into the street. He checked both ways to make sure nobody was in the streets, he only saw a couple people mostly neutrals, so he walked out towards the location. He pulled his hood over his face so that he was hidden in case Imperial eyes were watching, he changed his walk to one closer to that of the neutrals walking nearby. He walked for an hour without slowing before he ran into a small problem. There was a roadblock, made by the Imperials, that they didn't let neutrals passed. He checked the coordinates again and found that he would need to make a detour, that would make the travel about an hour longer than planned. Well this is most interesting, I will report this to the Jedi once I get to the safe house. He walked around the alleys finding his way to the safe house. He banged on the doors as if he were an actual neutral, and he promised himself to keep his identity quite until the Jedi arrived.
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