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Some people forget that not everyone in the Empire is xenophobic, homicidal and/or genocidal. There are a number of people whose views/beliefs differ than that of the rest of the Empire. This was seen very early on Dromund Kaas in the Dark Temple. You speak with the image of an ancient Sith Lord who followed the Light Side and who was killed by the Emperor for preaching teachings different than that of the Emperor's.

You have the General in the Black Talon flashpoint who turns against the Empire because he knows of the horrors that'd come about if another war happened. There's Elara Dorne the Trooper Companion who is an Imperial that defected to the Republic because her beliefs about the Empire and the Republic changed and she knew that senseless killings were wrong. And there are many more examples. Such as some Sith companions speaking of Apprentices in the Sith Academy focusing on the Light Side and looking for means to either leave and study freely or try and stay to help others see a different path. And these decisions were all made on their own without Jedi conferring with them.

The Agent storyline also shows us that there are entire groups in the Empire who are not xenophobic and who will willingly bring Aliens into their divisions in order to increase their numbers and efficiency. Imperial Intelligence has members that are not human and it is because they have skills that will help the Empire and are treated as Assets, not slaves.
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