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The Sith
Drummond Kaas
Kaas City

During the trip to Drummond Kaas I had not allowed my grief any purchase. It was wrapped up in the rage that seethed quietly inside of me, a power that surged through my blood licking its lips in impatient anticipation for the moment I would set it free. I had contacted my two trusted allies, Darth Storm and Darth Minamoto. Both were far more interested in my new direction.

We arrived at the spaceport at the same time. As I left my ship, I was meet by a man in an imperial uniform.

"Darth Jinobie - Emperor Jadus requires that all arrivals-"

I cut him off. "Emperor Jadus?"

"Yes my lord."

I canted my head at the stupid little worm. Without lifting my hand I used the darkside to constrict the airflow around his throat, ensuring he would not interrupt me while I spoke. Behind me Vette, the two Darth's, and my droid army made themselves known.

The Imperial began to choke, clutching at his neck. "Darth Jadus does not control the empire. I do. An error I will set right immediately. You will not inform him of my arrival. If you do, I will slice you to pieces and feed you to your family..." I paused. A cruel smile tilted my lips. "You have children. Two..." I paused, pulling the information I wanted from his weak mind. "Perhaps I will kill them anyway. Suffering breeds character. I find yours lacking."

I released him and marched past him without another word. Vette was at my side, Darth Storm and Darth Minamoto behind us, our army trailing behind them. I was silently proud of Vette. The old Vette would have been appalled at what I'd just said, now that she opened up to the spirit of vengeance it wasn't hard for me to let the darkside wrap around her like a protective cocoon that she willingly embraced. It was so much better than the pain.

It was a short journey from the spaceport into Kaas City. Before, The Mandalorian Enclave, Citadel, and Imperial Intelligence Headquarters had stood proudly - three tall beacon's that spoke of the might and determination of the Sith. The Citadel was no more. The Enclave and Intelligence building showed signs of the damage, smoke rising from towers, sections missing.

I let that too fuel my rage as I walked into the Intelligence building. Two guards attempted to stop me. I didn't kill them, I walked past them - but I heard their cries at Darth Storm and Darth Minamoto did.

Inside the building I marched straight into the central command room. There, I saw evidence of the firefight that had taken my daughter to her death. The heart I no longer wished to acknowledge constricted painfully at the thought. I sucked that grief into my hate and centered my gaze on Darth Jadus.

He stood in front of a holo terminal, his hands behind his back, his face hidden behind a helmet. I was well aware of his machinations. He had unknowingly accepted my daughter into his ranks and every move he made she had reported to me.

He, like most of the fool members of the Darth Council had one beautiful weakness - arrogance and a powerful god complex that made him think he was invincible. I eagerly anticipated showing him otherwise.

The room had been a noisy hum of activity. As he slowly turned to face me the area went quiet. I could hear the amusement in his tone as he spoke. "Ah. The fallen one."

"You will surrender control of your troops, and this organization to me. I now lead the Empire," I said simply.

He chuckled. "You did well killing our apathetic Emperor. But, in doing so my power is now second to none. Yet you are worthy of a place in my Empire. Join me-"

I rolled my eyes. I had no patience for his idiotic words. I extended my hand and lightening flew my finger tips. He did the same and our power collided. It forced him back a step. I didn't budge my hatred so much more powerful than his own now. Nothing was blacker than the heart of a mother who had lost her children in one fatal, treacherous blow.

For long seconds the display didn't stop. The power of the lightening colliding arced from our streams and bounced off the ceiling, the floor, zapping terminals and occasionally some poor fool got caught in the wild arcs and I could hear those screams in the second before they evaporated.

We both broke it off. He did it because he couldn't hold it. I did it because I wanted to kill him another way.

"What is this?" He demanded and I could hear he was slightly out of breath.

"I won't repeat myself," I said.

With a growl this time he tried to use the force to knock me back a step. I held up my palm catching the energy and with a flick of my wrist hurled it back at him. It smacked him square in the chest and sent him flying on top of the holoterminal. Darth Minamoto did not bother containing her laughter.

A sound of pure rage exploded from him as he stumbled to his feet and withdrew his lightsaber. I used the force to smack it from his hand as if he were a mere Acolyte, mocking him. Enraged that I was making a fool out of him he surged at me like a warrior, bare fisted and disappeared in a wisp of black smoke. It was his command of the darkside that allowed him to do this, and it was mine that let me see him.

He meant to reappear right in front of me and drive his fist through my chest to rip out my heart. No sooner had he blinked into existence then I mimicked his palor trick. When I reappeared behind him my extended lightsaber was in my hand and I took off his head in one clean swipe.

"You were not worthy to see my eyes as you died." I told his corpse as I calmly sheathed my saber. His head rolled across the floor as his body crumpled.

The room was still silent. I could feel the fear and I reveled in it, sucking it greedily into me. I stepped over his dead body and walked up to the holo terminal he had stood in front of. "Report."

For the first few seconds nothing happened. I was patient, I expected as much. Finally, a woman who I knew because of Tana's reports to be known as Watcher Two stepped forward.

"My lord," she said quietly. "I have much to report but if I may... Moff Jinobie... she was taken-"

"She's dead, Watcher two," I said flatly.

I heard her gasp. And then I felt... grief. A great deal of it. Slowly I turned my head to meet the anguished expression on this woman's face. "You were close to my daughter," I said studying her.

Watcher Two nodded and hastily brushed away the tears that came to her eyes. "Very my lord," she said quietly.

I canted my head. She'd loved my daughter, I slowly realized. Tana had told me nothing of this. I wondered why. Perhaps we'd just been too busy killing the Emperor. I would not have cared about her choices so long as her mate was worthy and she was happy. I'd likely have liked her choice better than Lancoro's.

Oh my children... my... dead children. I hid my clenched fists inside my robe. "You will help me avenge her." I turned back to the holoterminal. "Report." I repeated.

We had much to destroy. And I had a Jedi to find and make suffer.
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