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I did not read it, but I don't think that would work since Bowdaar isn't romanceable. Also, no wookie speaks Basic, so how would they fit the voices in which would designate each class? And if they did consider it, they'd have to make a new height character creation option since wookies are abnormally tall compared to other species.
Of course Bowdaar isn't romanceable with any of the current choices but doesn't mean he couldn't be with another Wookiee player. Again romance shouldn't be an issue as there could be further restrictions in place for which species can romance which companion. Of course Wookiees don't speak basic, but again that shouldn't be an issue. If the player was a Wookiee or any sort of non-basic speaking species, then their dialogue could be substituted with their language in place. Height isn't an issue either as the camera automatically aligns with either of the player's or NPC's eyeline as shown a while back with the minature player bug.

I think it's best that with any possible playable species to keep an open mind on how they could work and be implemented. Rather than just saying 'No', we should try to see as many possible ways they could be introduced as there's always some sort of surprise that could happen with the game.
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