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Quote snipped because it's long.

What I've said a million times in this thread and what you are describing in this thread are the same thing. Nothing in your post was related to the fact that they are a premade group. EVERYTHING you described is gear and skill based. At no point did you describe a point where their VOIP and superior coordination was overwhelming. At no point did you describe their ability to select a target and simultaneously focus that one person down.

If you met this team and it wasn't a premade group, would the outcome have been any different? Just because everyone is queuing solo doesn't mean that there will not be imbalances that occur.

The only solution that fixes everything in your post is a matchmaking system. It doesn't matter if the other people are grouped, geared, experienced, or whatever as long as the overall cumulative ability is equal. I'm happy to play in recruit gear against full war heroes if their skill and knowledge level are far below mine. The fight would probably be fairly equal.

The most important take away from what I am posting:
Eliminating premades from the queue only takes advantages away from an individual, it does not take them away altogether.

So one guild can't always ensure they have 4 war heroes on their team, but it doesn't change the fact that it will still happen. I'm not sure what more I can say to convince you that the exact situation you described would continue happening in solo queues, there would just be no way for anyone to mitigate their chances of it happening to them. True matchmaking is the only solution that will actually prevent the problem, not a divided queue.
The thing is, genius, the premade group making sure that their team is well gear to slam new players. Have you ever see a premade group full recruit or BM gear ? If solo queue, then it's a chance - a chance you could meet 8 WHs+ aug again and again likely to 0, no one going to complain about it. But this is become an exploit for medal or for satisfaction, i don't care. If Bw intend to make money from F2P, they will have to change the match making system - cause the original 50 would not change to F2P, only new player, and new players that joined for stories wont pay a cent, and we have the rest and they will quit if the game community are all *******.