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I think the OP's point wasn't necessarily (even though he explicitly wrote it) for us to merge. For those that responded about PVE content you're capable of running without a merger, you're not getting the point.

The OP wants the best players from each guild to get together & create a guild that will foster a competitive team in ranked PvP.

Although the idea in its most basic format sounds interesting, it can be accomplished without a guild merger. Frankly, we're (ROTJ) driven to be competitive ourselves, yes, but we value our own approach to running a guild our way, developing talent, and enjoying our community more than being a mega power in ranked WZ's.

I spoke to Obiwalker the other day when he brought this mega guild idea up (which is now the - I'm not kidding - 10th time since launch that I've heard about it) and our answer is always the same; this can be accomplished without a merge.

If 2 ROTJ + 2 Resilience + 2 Gray Order + 2 Epic Failz are all on the same voice server, commit to a night to ranked pvp, and execute it, then it can accomplish the same thing that the OP is asking for; a competitive team for ranked PVP against some of the power house Impies (ID / Physics / Woops / Etc).

To the recent post re: a pvp chat channel, yes -- this works great. We had one setup with IT a LONG time ago (after our leaders realized that a guild merger wasn't in either party's best interest), and we settled on a close alliance.

We had ROTJ players filling IT group spots, they came over to ROTj when IT "died", etc. Nevertheless, I think the chat channel is the best first step, the second is identifying who is interested (and more importantly, "qualified" as a top tier PVP'er to fill a spot on this "Republic Team"), and then coordinate voice servers & play schedules to get it done.

I'm happy to do ranked with the best. I'm sure they'd welcome my (or any of ROTJ's top talent) in a group. At the end of the day, we're not joining your guild, though. So stop asking for a merge, an absorbtion, or attempting to scalp our players. We'll do the same.

thats alot better of an idea i was trying to go for something like that

didnt need all the hate thou

sounds like you all should of rolled imps with the way you treat your fellow player

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