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I would suggest you read here why having no accuracy is bad

tanks wonder why they have to guard dps instead of healers since dps keeps pulling agro
As a tank you hit harder with 110% accuracy. That means me the dps wont pull off of you as a tank.

Btw this was tested in my guild by are tanks the boss has a 10% bonus to defense which is negated by 110% accuracy. Are guild tanks spent less time taunting off dps when the followed guide.
I would suggest you read the other posts in this discussion, as we have already explained many times over that Noxxic is wrong and why it is wrong.

Bosses do not have any defense chance against force and tech attacks so accuracy rating does not affect force and tech attacks at all!!!

Also force attacks are not the same thing as special attacks, like Noxxic falsely claims. Read the post above for more details.

They do have only defense chance against melee attacks. This requirement of accuracy applies to only melee attacks. Also read posts above for more details.

Also there is not even any such thing as defense against force or tech attacks. Defense applies to only melee/ranged attacks.

The avoidance against force/tech attacks is called resistance, which is 0 even for operation bosses.

Just look at this combat log:,b=1

As you can clearly see, all force abilities show 0.0% avoids, meaning they did always hit.
And I guarantee you that was with 0 accuracy rating.