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I have to AGREE with my peers on most of the topics.

1. Last Option - DPS=Poor, HEAL=Good. SORC/SAGE DPS is the last option for HM OPS and are good for mostly AOE healing. (Sniper or mDPS would be picked before you for HM's). During PVP they are great for the STUN Bubble Utility (until its nerfed) and then expect to see less in PVP and certainly not many after that in Ranked.

2. POOR DPS - My spec (Full 63) DPS is below my less geared mDPS and Snipers on my team. (Even with a perfect rotation, AOE, dots on everyone and Exotech Adreno). I've started to heal as SORC/SAGE rDPS is not really viable in HM OPS and it should be the TOP DPS due to being the most squishy and fastest to kill in PVE & PVP.

The TWO key items to address PVE and PVP issues:
DPS is Sub-Par
with other Classes - PVP is even worse w/o burst.
- Address with a "REAL BUFF" to top end DPS/HEAL Tree. (DPS/HEAL equal to SMASH ~6k)
- Squishy armor class should be putting out MORE DPS than Medium or Heavy Armor Class (It's why they are squishy)
- Decreasing cast time for AOE Heals & increasing GD might resolve
- ADD any BUFF's to the TOP of each respective TREE to keep from abusing Hybrid
Consumption / Instant Heal
- Cast time for "BIG" Heal should have some sort of instant cast buff like Wrath/Crushing Darkness.
- Great add to help with survivability in game and does help in PVE & PVP after losing 360 knockback.
- Consumption is not such a great way to go. (Increase regenerate rate and force capacity instead)
Reference Link: Why bother? Folks dropping sub's like flys lately.
WTB Legacy Bound Ear, Implants, Relics

Suggestions to Bioware: Release "REAL" Sub rewards list.