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12.07.2012 , 05:44 PM | #223
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Cool Story. You can unsub under 'My Account'. The rest of us paid the same money and aren't acting like a spoiled child. Grow up.
Neither am I acting like a spoiled child. Remember, people PAY for this game, monthly. So, we expect things of quality when we pay for it. That's $180 for a year. And, all they can do is some pointless Firewoks emote?

And I don't respond to people comments rudely like you. "Cool story". That's rude man. If you think some boring fireworks emote is REALLY worthy a an entire year of paying 15 bucks a month, then that's great for you. But, you don't need to demean others who paid all this money because you disagree with them, calling them "spoiled". I am not spoiled, I paid.

We deserve much better.