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Nihilus doesn't make much sense. How does he supposedly do all of this consuming? A massive force storm? Does he open his mouth and shrink a planet to the size of an apple? How instanteous is it? Throughout all of the KOTOR2, you hear about the Lord of Hunger, whom consumed Katarr. Yet through the entire game, he actually consumes nothing else.

He must not be that hungry if he ignores Sion and Vistas, who are constantly surrounding him. You can argue that is combat skills are greater than Sion and Traya's. Obviously not better than the Exile's.

And while the Exile "was" a force wound, she regained her connection to the force as the game progressed. Which would effectively cease her from being considered a force wound. If Nihilus was actually capable of just consuming her, he would have stripped her of her force powers again, and she would not have been a threat.

I think the reason BioWare ignored some of KOTOR2's lore, not only because they didn't write it, but they didn't want to trample the game. They took a certain amount of liberty, but obviously felt more comfortable centering on lore that came from their own development teams. I don't blame them one bit.