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12.07.2012 , 04:31 PM | #12
I play all three healer types on the Republic side, and my scoundrel gets more votes by far, and my sage the least by far. On my commando, if I'm spewing the green beam of "come kill me I'm a healer and this is how to find me" I get votes for clearly being bold.

But I find myself shorting sages on votes quite often when I don't actually see them healing when I'm playing my tank or dps for the simple reason that most often when I do find them they are fluffing their numbers with noble sacrifice and healing themself. To a lesser extent I don't rewared the ones that are casting salvation and begging people to fight on the aoe spot. Sorry, but I'm not going to stand there in the current class distribution of warzones and get roflsmashed by a combination of 5 marauders and/or juggernauts in less than one tick of that salvation aoe.

I reward the healers that are in the right place at the right time healing the right people, not the ones by themselves in a corner healing themselves, or healing themself for most of their total. That's not to say sometimes healing yourself is exactly what you should do. i.e Like if have half the opposing team of baddies on you away from an objective or facing the wrong way so your team can ninja it when they're being stupid.

As someone who plays all the healers, I almost always give my vote to anyone who puts forth even a moderate effort at producing protection points, whether its guarding me, someone else, or simply taunting. I often vote for what I want to reward and encourage (good play)