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Point to 1, that's ONE, as in one and only, as in any post, of mine that shows me complaining about the lack of content. Anywhere, h-ll any game...

Your realism leaves a tad to be desired.
And you totally missed my point about you assuming that I was a fanboi by my making an assumption that you complain about lack of content....

Point is, bugs happen, it is a fact. Some companies fix them very quickly, some do not. Bioware is one of the "do nots". However, they are also in the unenviable position of not being able to win no matter what they do. If they hold back content to fix bugs, people will jump all over them for not releasing content. If they push out content, people will harp on them for not fixing bugs. If they miss a "deadline" by a day, people will harp on them for breaking a "promise".

So no matter what Bioware does, people will be upset, complain, *****, moan, or anything else. So they are simply going to go ahead with the "make content available and fix bugs later" method.

Maybe if the community as a whole did not jump all over them all the time, maybe they would be more open to talking and discussing things on the forums (as they used to do before the aforementioned lambasting). It is not all on Biowares shoulders here, the impatient and rude player base has a lot to do with the current status of the game.
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