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@ Talon, There hasn't been any changes so yes it is very viable for 1.5

@ Dierdrea and Nuzzar, I have tried many times to get some descent parse data for you guys. There is nothing I want more than to prove to the community of my claims that Mad Maul is best overall dps. I currently use MoniTOR to parse my data and have not yet figured out how to get the data posted to a third party site. As far as MOX goes I cannot install this program because my computer will no longer update latest versions of .netframwork. Too many por n searches I guess. I have tried everything I could think of to get .netframwork updated but my pc will not even update through "automatic updates". I even tried recording some fraps with my dps overlay on but it did not work.

I do not know the exact reasons why I am able to parse higher numbers with Mad Maul than I am with Madness, I guess I am the only one. All I know is that when I tried it initially I was 200dps behind Madness, After a few days of playing the Mad Maul spec I then started parsing 100-150 dps ahead. I do know that during 1.2 and 1.3 many full Madness Assassins where doing more dps when they took Creeping Terror and Shock out of their rotations, because of how Thrash scaled. Maybe for a full BiS Assassin numbers will vary relatively, as I am not close to BiS than maybe abilities are scaling differently, idk. It could just be that Mad Maul is technically an easier rotation to keep because of one less dot and I am just able to run it more efficiently. Maybe with Mad Maul I am refreshing Discharge and Deathmarks with less clipping and down time, maybe I am just able to react to Exploit Weakness and Raze alot faster. IDK.

@ Plaga, just stop posting bro, every time you type you just prove to everyone how little you actually understand about this class. You need to download MoniTOR or MoX and start parsing your own data and not just post tooltip data.