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Quote: Originally Posted by jgoldsack View Post
I'm not a fanboi. I'm a realist.

...yet I am sure you would be one of those who start complaining when content isn't coming fast enough...
Point to 1, that's ONE, as in one and only, as in any post, of mine that shows me complaining about the lack of content. Anywhere, h-ll any game...

Your realism leaves a tad to be desired.

All MMO's in their first year to year and a half have lack of content.. that is a given. So you plan for that, and don't rush to the end and enjoy what you have.

All MMO's in their first year to 2 years have "bugs" that effect game play. So you watch how they handle them. If they are resolved in a timely manner, fine, but if a PATTERN of delay, apparent neglect, establishes itself, then you start to worry.

You still give them a year to correct the patten..... but if it doesn't change, it never will.(in 6months AoC cashiered their headman, inserted someone the players trusted, and then fixed all those major bugs,(the ex-headman blamed the players' computers.. amazing how that works).